Known spammer IP addresses

Saturday, 20. September 2008 20:08 - daniel - Blogs - 0 Comments

These IP addresses were spamming for the last few days. I may want to add the to your blacklist too.

Minor tweaks

Friday, 25. July 2008 2:55 - daniel - Blogs - 1 Comment

I tweaked a few things here and there. For example

  • Trackbacks should work again.
  • Gravatars are available now. I'll probably release the sourcecode for this soon.
  • I made a few bugfixes behind the curtains, like a new version of the spaw editor and file uploads finally work again.
  • I'm currently working on a new release candidate for yabs, the software that powers this site. Maybe you'll see a update soon, but don't count on it.
And my friend Andreas promised to reactivate his own blog :D.

Akismet and persistent connections

Sunday, 24. February 2008 22:10 - daniel - Blogs - 0 Comments

The delays that sometimes occurred when submitting comments are apparently caused by an incorrect implementation of an HTTP/1.1 socket in the Aksimet PHP5 class. The class didn't send a Connection: Close header to the Akismet server. The Server was keeping the connection open and delayed future request. By either switching to HTTP/1.0 (doesn't support persistent connections) or sending a Connection: Close header that problem is solved.

This also affected my Akismet plugin for yabs. There is already a updated version online, just override the old files and upgrade in the admin panel.

Akismet 1.0.2

Thanks to Jan who found this problem.

Wordpress and permalinks without mod_rewrite

Thursday, 6. September 2007 22:21 - daniel - Blogs - 2 Comments

Even if your webhost doesn't let you use mod_rewrite, you can get nice URL with a simple hack. Mosty webhosts let you configure custom error pages. That means, if a visitors tries to access a page that doesn't exist, you can show him your special 404 page instead of the apache default.

We will use this for our permalinks. If you enable permalinks and mod_rewrite doesn't work, all you'll see is a 404 page. We'll now create custom error handlers for 404 to display index.php instead. Every time a visitor opens a permalink, he will trigger this custom error handler and he'll see the correct site. Wordpress doesn't care, if mod_rewrite or our custom error handler has redirected this user.

All you need to do is this:
Switch Wordpress to your preferred permalink structure.

Either write this into your .htaccess file (and delete everything that was in there):

ErrorDocument 404 /index.php
ErrorDocument 403 /index.php
ErrorDocument 401 /index.php

or, if you have a management panel like confixx or syscp, you can configure error documents there:

You should add this to your index.php file, right after the <?php in a new line
header( 'HTTP/1.1 200 OK' );

Some plug-ins

Sunday, 12. August 2007 17:55 - daniel - Blogs - 1 Comment

I just released yabs 0.8.0beta4 and here is the comment location plug-in as promised.

The plug-ins tries to guess from witch country a comment is coming from. It checks for the IP and if doesn't know the domain, it checks the hostname for the TLD code.

akismet is a anti spam service. Comments will be send to the server for checking and if the comments contain spam, they will be send to moderation. You need a akismet API key from for this to work.

Gallery plug-in, featuring asynchronous uploads and lightbox for displaying.

Add-on for danis_gallery. It displays a random image in the sidebar. Requires danis_gallery

Example plug-in, shows how to program filters, hooks and widgets.

You can find all of them here.