yabs rewrite

Sunday, 2. March 2014 23:00 - daniel - Computer - 0 Comments

yabs, my "I totally need to write my own weblog platform"-project is now

  • a) totally rewritten from the kinda embarassing state I left it back in 2009
  • b) on GitHub


Saturday, 4. October 2008 10:45 - daniel - Computer - 0 Comments

I recently switched to FeedBurner to serve the feed of this blog. To make this a simple as possible, I wrote a small plugin for yabs to allow the FeedBurner robot to fetch the feed from this site, but redirect everyone else to the FeedBurner version of my feed.

You need yabs 0.8.0RC2 for this plugin.

Download feedburner-1.0.1.tar.bz2.

Skype and privacy

Friday, 3. October 2008 6:40 - daniel - Computer - 0 Comments

This is why I don't like communication networks I can't control. Even tho Skype may not be guilty here, it shows that your conversations arn't save on these networks. Skype always talks about their encryption and stuff, but here you see how easy it was for a company to allow logging and censoring of chat communications.

And to make matter worse, you can't use a different client for Skype that supports additional end-to.end encryption on Skype, because Skype keeps there protocol closed and makes it extremely hard to reverse engineer their client.

Even using instant messaging networks like MSN or ICQ is better, because you can use a different client like pidgin that supports end-to-end encryption via plugins like off the records.

Or you can use Jabber (XMPP), a free and open protocol for IM (on your own server).

Getting the Huawei E160 to work with Linux

Tuesday, 9. September 2008 13:03 - daniel - Computer - 8 Comments

Last week I singed a mobile internet contract and received a Huawei E160 USB modem with it. This is pretty much just a Huawei E220 without the cable and an additional card reader. Getting it to work with Linux is pretty simple.

If you connect it at boot up, it will be in the correct mode right away.

If you connect it while the OS is running, it won't be in the right mode. You have to run usb_modeswitch to use it. The E160 shares the settings with the E220.

I tried to use udev to do this automatically, but this doesn't work yet. Maybe I'll find a solution for this.

Microsoft WGA servers down

Saturday, 25. August 2007 14:14 - daniel - Computer - 0 Comments

DRM bites again: the Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage servers (which every XP and Vista install phones home to) all failed sometime earlier today. The result? Every single Windows XP and Vista installation -- except possibly those with volume license keys -- is being marked as counterfeit when it tries to check in. Installations which are flagged as counterfeit switch to a "reduced functionality mode" which results in features like Aero and DirectX being disabled.
Ha Ha.