Update: WotLK mirror going down

Thursday, 6. November 2008 18:24 - daniel - World of Warcraft - 0 Comments

My Wrath of the Lich King mirror will be shut down on November 13th. On that day, the new World of Warcraft add-on will be released and the beta ends, making a beta patch mirror obsolete.

I got quite a bit of experience about running a high traffic HTTP download site. Some funny stats:

Size: 7.2 GiB files (And Logfiles up to 2.4 GiB uncompressed)

Aug: 994.43 GiB (In: 49.56 GiB, Out: 944.87 iGB)
Sep: 1.62 TiB (In: 66.68 GiB, Out: 1.55 TiB)
Oct: 1.09 TiB (In: 46.11 GiB, Out: 1.04 TiB)
Nov: 224.69 GiB (In: 7.48 GiB, Out: 217.21 GiB)

That's about 55 GiB/Day in September. Because that was way to much, I had to enable bandwith limiting.

Most hits were also during September. The site received 14 million hits that month, or about 5 hits every second. Most hits came from CoBlitzProxy fetching chunks of a file.

Update Nov. 10th, 2008 22:15
Since Coldara is already offline, I have also taken down my WotLK mirror.

Frea, Champion of the Naaru

Saturday, 30. August 2008 16:34 - daniel - World of Warcraft - 0 Comments

Yesterday I got the title Champion of the Naaru for my little druid.

Getting the title is pretty hard, considering I had to tank all the heroic instances with only a few epics and not that much tanking experience. Especially the Shattered Halls and Shadow Labyrinth runs took us a long time.

Still, I think the title is worth the effort.

New WotLK Build (Update)

Saturday, 30. August 2008 1:41 - daniel - World of Warcraft - 0 Comments

Blizzard updated WotLK to today. This was the first test under real conditions for my automatic update system for my Wrath of the Lick King beta patch mirror.

What should I say? It worked nearly flawless. The next update can come even without me :D.

Also, I expect traffic for this month to be around 700 to 800 GB. I hope that it will go down a bit in September, or I have to take the mirror offline after I hit the traffic cap.

The server apparently crashed at 11:20 today. I guess the connections from CoBlitzProxy are too much for Apache to handle. I mean, we are talking about 30 or more connections per second at peak times. The major cause was probably too many apache processes running, taking up all the memory.

Anyway, I tuned Apache a bit to use less memory, but that only helped a bit. The load was still very high. I was probably only a matter of time until the server crashes again.

Because of this I installed lighty. I hope lighty will do better than apache and handles those connections without using too much CPU power or memory.

WoW: Wrath of the Lich King

Monday, 11. August 2008 23:56 - daniel - World of Warcraft - 0 Comments

I got a beta key a few days ago. I haven't really been able to play very much yet because  the server is unstable and buggy. Crashes occur quite often, and there was an issue with loot laging for minutes every time you got a new item. Anyway, I hope I'm able to play the new content (which is looking great thereby) when the server runs more smoothly again.

In the mean time, I created a WotLK beta patch mirror. When I downloaded and installed the beta client and all the updates, I wasn't able to find a patch mirror and the blizzard downloader is not the fastest to say the least. Therefore I created this site to help people get the new patches.

WoW: Die Todeskrallen

Wednesday, 30. July 2008 20:30 - daniel - World of Warcraft - 0 Comments

It has been a long time since I wrote about my World of Warcraft characters here. I leveled my priest to 70 and changed server and faction soon afterwards.

At the moment I'm playing a Warlock and a Druid. My guild is raiding Karazhan, if we manage to get 10 people togehter ;).

And now, some pictures.

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