New WotLK Build (Update)

Saturday, 30. August 2008 1:41 - daniel - World of Warcraft - 0 Comments

Blizzard updated WotLK to today. This was the first test under real conditions for my automatic update system for my Wrath of the Lick King beta patch mirror.

What should I say? It worked nearly flawless. The next update can come even without me :D.

Also, I expect traffic for this month to be around 700 to 800 GB. I hope that it will go down a bit in September, or I have to take the mirror offline after I hit the traffic cap.

The server apparently crashed at 11:20 today. I guess the connections from CoBlitzProxy are too much for Apache to handle. I mean, we are talking about 30 or more connections per second at peak times. The major cause was probably too many apache processes running, taking up all the memory.

Anyway, I tuned Apache a bit to use less memory, but that only helped a bit. The load was still very high. I was probably only a matter of time until the server crashes again.

Because of this I installed lighty. I hope lighty will do better than apache and handles those connections without using too much CPU power or memory.