yabs rewrite

Monday, 3. March 2014 0:00 - daniel - Computer - 0 Comments

yabs, my "I totally need to write my own weblog platform"-project is now

  • a) totally rewritten from the kinda embarassing state I left it back in 2009
  • b) on GitHub

Do not buy: ChiliGREEN

Saturday, 15. January 2011 11:01 - daniel - Other - 1 Comment

I recently purchased a external USB 3.0 HDD. Unfortunately USB 3.0 doesn't seem to be totally stable yet and the drive kept disconnection and reconnection after some time. Basically, you could use the device, but since it disconnected after some time it was pretty inconvenient. Since it looked like a problem with the drive I RMA'd it back to ChiliGREEN.

After 2 weeks I got the drive back from ChiliGREEN. Instead of fixing it or replacing the whole drive, they opened the enclosure and just swapped in a new drive. Sure enought, the disconnection continued. Also, the drive has 2 screws on the back side that have to bee removed to open the enclosure. Well, ChiliGREEN managed to lose on of them and the head of the other one was completely destroyed. Also, the screwed it only half way in, so the enclosure wasn't event completely closed. I've never seen such a bad customer service job.

Verdict: Do not buy ChiliGREEN products ever again.

fix you flattr installations

Tuesday, 1. June 2010 17:37 - daniel - Other - 0 Comments

I don't care about it, but the fact that it ruins every second feed in my reader is highly annoying.

OpenID Library

Thursday, 18. February 2010 13:40 - daniel - Other - 0 Comments

I didn't like any of the php libraries available from openid.net, so I wrote my own simple OpenID 2.0 client implementation. Tie library takes an OpenID identifier, trys to find to correct endpoint, sends to user to login and verifies the login when the user comes back. Everything is done without relying on other librarys or storing data on the server. See dev.pew.cc/wiki/openid for more information about the library.

Also, img.pew.cc now accepts OpenID logins. If you log in you can delete your images or edit the tags and browse all images you have uploaded with your OpenID account.

If you find bug in my OpenID library or on img.pew.cc you can create a ticket to let me know.

Server upgrade

Monday, 25. January 2010 3:21 - daniel - Other - 0 Comments

I just finished upgrading the server from Debian etch to lenny. Upgrade was smooth and without problems, just as expected from Debian. Only problem was that postfix wasn't able to connect to courier-authdaemon, but after changing the permissions for /var/run/courier/authdaemon/ everything worked fine.

If you should find a problem, please drop me a comment.