Do not buy: ChiliGREEN

Saturday, 15. January 2011 10:01 - daniel - Other - 1 Comment

I recently purchased a external USB 3.0 HDD. Unfortunately USB 3.0 doesn't seem to be totally stable yet and the drive kept disconnection and reconnection after some time. Basically, you could use the device, but since it disconnected after some time it was pretty inconvenient. Since it looked like a problem with the drive I RMA'd it back to ChiliGREEN.

After 2 weeks I got the drive back from ChiliGREEN. Instead of fixing it or replacing the whole drive, they opened the enclosure and just swapped in a new drive. Sure enought, the disconnection continued. Also, the drive has 2 screws on the back side that have to bee removed to open the enclosure. Well, ChiliGREEN managed to lose on of them and the head of the other one was completely destroyed. Also, the screwed it only half way in, so the enclosure wasn't event completely closed. I've never seen such a bad customer service job.

Verdict: Do not buy ChiliGREEN products ever again.


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