clickable links for the wow forums

Wednesday, 30. July 2008 13:33 - daniel - World of Warcraft - 2 Comments

It looks like Blizzard isn't going to enable Links in their forums again. They were first disabled after a bug in flash player was discovered. Since then, no new links can be posted. You are forced to copy and paste links to the address bar.

I wrote a greasemonkey script to make links clickable again. Since I thought Blizzard was going to enable links sooner or later, I didn't publish it until now.

You can get the WoW Forums clickable links script at

shelter from a blizzard

Monday, 7. April 2008 18:09 - daniel - World of Warcraft - 0 Comments

For quite some time the World of Warcraft forums include a interceptor to display a warning if you leave the official forums. This has been done to protect the user from keyloggers (and not only the users, some blues got keylogged too :D). No idea if this helps anyone but for me it became really annoying having to click two times to follow a links (not even to mention waiting for the interceptor page to load).

Until now I was using the Shelter from a Blizzard script for Greasemonkey by NeonGoat. But that script hat some problems with URLs that include & and was generally not that well coded.  Therefore I reworked the script to parse the URLs correctly and only replace the onclick event if it present.

You can get the Shelter from a Blizzard (reworked) script at

Greasemonkey script to add links to wowhead pages

Sunday, 27. January 2008 11:36 - daniel - World of Warcraft - 3 Comments

I'm playing World of Warcraft with the English client on a German server, because the German translation is really crappy. Reading the english quest texts is no problem for me, but looking for a group can be thought if you don't know what the quest is called in German. Since I'm using wowhead to look up quest info all the time I wrote a little Greasemonkey script to add a link to info box on the right side to

If I'm looking for a mob or a quest and want to know how it's called in German, I just click the link and land on the page about that mob or quest or whatever I was looking at.

You can get the wowhead to buffed links script at

Wow Armory search plug-in for Firefox and IE7

Thursday, 6. September 2007 15:51 - daniel - World of Warcraft - 0 Comments

This is a search plug-in for the WoW Armory. It's based on the OpenSearch Specifications, therefore it should work with Firefox and Internet Explorer 7. This plug-in works with the latest version of the Armory.

Click here to install the plugin for the North American Realms

Click here to install the plugin for the European Realms

Some WoW Stuff

Sunday, 26. August 2007 8:09 - daniel - World of Warcraft - 2 Comments

You would think they would stop using Legolas since the game is 2 years old now. Yeah that is a Night Elf hunter, if you were wondering...

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