clickable links for the wow forums

Wednesday, 30. July 2008 15:33 - daniel - World of Warcraft - 2 Comments

It looks like Blizzard isn't going to enable Links in their forums again. They were first disabled after a bug in flash player was discovered. Since then, no new links can be posted. You are forced to copy and paste links to the address bar.

I wrote a greasemonkey script to make links clickable again. Since I thought Blizzard was going to enable links sooner or later, I didn't publish it until now.

You can get the WoW Forums clickable links script at


NitraMo - Thursday, 7. August 2008 16:57

I found a bug in this script, see userscript comments for it. Otherwise, awesome script, has saved me a lot of hassle.

Daniel - Friday, 8. August 2008 10:37

Thanks for the bug report, I've updated the script and it should work now.