Greasemonkey script to add links to wowhead pages

Sunday, 27. January 2008 12:36 - daniel - World of Warcraft - 3 Comments

I'm playing World of Warcraft with the English client on a German server, because the German translation is really crappy. Reading the english quest texts is no problem for me, but looking for a group can be thought if you don't know what the quest is called in German. Since I'm using wowhead to look up quest info all the time I wrote a little Greasemonkey script to add a link to info box on the right side to

If I'm looking for a mob or a quest and want to know how it's called in German, I just click the link and land on the page about that mob or quest or whatever I was looking at.

You can get the wowhead to buffed links script at


maya - Thursday, 14. February 2008 10:39

Hi Daniel-Trellmor,

it's always nice to have a look at your blog. This feature is really great.

Anytime I am being asked if I got quest X in my log I have to say I don't know as I'm (still) using the German client for lazyness reasons. But now I can finally change, which is fine.

Greetings from good ol' Quel Thalas maya

Daniel - Friday, 15. February 2008 7:48

I'm glad that someone else has a use for it ;)

-- Trellmor

mohsen - Tuesday, 14. October 2008 17:59

script chaest