(Yet another) short URL service

Tuesday, 13. October 2009 19:30 - daniel - Other - 0 Comments

I've set up a short URL service at url.pew.cc. It's basically the same as tinyurl.com, but with a cool ajax UI. Yay ;). And the best? url.pew.cc is one character shorter then tinyurl.com. Now if that ain't a perfect reason to use it.

Anyway, I just wanted to do my own url shortening and don't rely on a third party service for it. url.pew.cc is powered by php and sqlite. It has the same API as tinyurl.com. http://url.pew.cc/files/api-create.php?url=URL will respond with the short url. Adding format xml will respond with an xml file and a bit more verbose error messages, e.g. http://url.pew.cc/files/api-create.php?format=xml&url=URL.

The xml format used is:

<url>ORIGINAL URL</url>
<short>SHORT VERSION</short>

And for errors:
<error>ERROR MESSAGE</error>

Sorry, there is no create.php for a fancy html output. If you want to use it as a bookmarklet, this will have to do. Bookmark this link: url.pew.cc

If it works alright I might share the code at some point.