Craft DB WoW Addon

Sunday, 11. October 2009 13:10 - daniel - Other - 0 Comments

Craft DB keeps track of crafter on your server. Whenever you open a profession link, the skills and the name of the crafter will be saved and can be displayed when needed. If you are looking for that Blade Ward enchant and can't remember who has the recipe, you can use CraftDB to look who has it.

Craft DB will display names in different colors if they are online, offline, in your guild, on your friendlist or just some random guy who posted his profession into the trade channel

As soon as you open a profession window (either your own, or from a link), Craft DB will scan all the available recipes and saves them and the name of the person for later use.

Craft DB provides a LibDataBroker launcher to open the windows. If you don't have a LibDataBroker display addon installed, you can use /craftdb or /cdb to open Craft DB.

When you enter something into the search box, Craft DB will perform a search on the currently selected profession and only displays the matching spell names.

Here's the project on Craft DB
Here's the download on Craft DB