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Saturday, 20. October 2007 16:56 - daniel - Server - 0 Comments

We recently moved from NGZ to Hetzner. NGZ was a nice host, but they recently changed their price model, resulting in higher prices for our server.

The move gave me the opportunity to change a few things in the servers configuration, on of this is things is SSL for the web interface. SSL certificates are normally very expensive, but there are a few organisations that grant free class 1 certificates. One of them is startcom, a certification authority and linux vendor form Israel. You can even get a class 2 certificate (verification of your identity) for 20$. The startcom root cert is already recognized by a large number of browser and if your browser doesn't include it, you can install it.

Anyway, is now using SSL for http (including web interface, webmail, etc), FTP over SSL, imap/pop3-ssl and smtp-tls.