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Monday, 7. April 2008 17:36 - daniel - Server - 0 Comments

Some stuff has been going on behind the scenes at Mainly, we moved some of the services from the other servers to my box.

The first step was to move to my server. Our old host kicked the whole site off his server, because the update service created a too high load on his box. We were partly to blame, because we didn't spread the load of our update service properly, but it's still annoying if your website gets blocked without prior notice.
Well, in the end we moved the stuff and with that the update service to my box, and updated the autoupdate function of the add-ons to spread the load better. I didn't had any problems on my server since. The main site remained on the old server.

The next step was to update the forums. phpBB released version 2.0.23. It was kinda trick to install it since we use a lot of plugin to counter spam, add functions for the admins and users and make phpBB generally behave like we want. But in the end we had a up to date board again ;). We also enabled some addition checks to prevent spambots from registering. Namely, some bots that use addresses and a very distinctive usernames that may look like real ones but follow a clear pattern.

Recently, the svn and trac service was about to shut down. So I spend the whole day today to move svn and trac from the old box to mine. Both services seems to be running fine after I got the config right and installed all the previously enabled plug-ins for trac.

If you find errors or got suggestions, you can leave a comment or send me a mail to (PGP Key) or